Traveling started for me at an early age. We made beautiful trips with the family. Sometimes hours in the car and other times by plane to distant destinations. For me, the holiday started the moment the front door was locked. Discovering the world and all the beauty it has to offer has an important place in my life.


As a student and young professional I traveled to a lot of destinations, often with different cultures and much different than in the Netherlands. When our daughter Chloé was born in August 2019, we wanted to give her the same beautiful memories I have had in my childhood. When she was 3 months old we flew to Dublin together. How well she did! Slept the entire flight. Bought a baby carrier especially for the occasion and also a travel case for the pram. A considerable amount to purchase but we would still use it often.


Soon after, the world was forced to stand still. We didn't have to  travel far, but we enjoyed our family time and the Netherlands has a lot to offer. Our daughter Eloïse was born in early 2021. The world slowly opened up a bit again and the four of us went on a trip for the first time. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for ourselves. Comfortable travel... The right stuff... Great for us and great for the little ones. Thoughts that did not concern me at all as a child, student and young professional. I searched online for blogs, tips and products. Loaded with the best products that we had all bought, the thoughts arose: "this should be easier and more sustainable". On that holiday TravelBaby was born!


Easy traveling with your child! Your baby is growing fast, so you can only use some items for a short time. Products can be expensive to purchase while you only use them for a short time.


From our TravelBaby to yours!



As a baby, Chloé suffered from hidden reflux, which made carrying upright the best for her. A sling and baby carrier was the outcome. She lay like that for hours. Good for her and good for us. I also think a baby carrier is ideal for traveling! You always have your child close to you, it is easy to put on and take off and you have your hands free. The Artipoppe baby carrier is my favorite. Due to the different positions, it grows with your child and your child always has the right support. In addition, it also looks beautiful.

Traveling with two children who both like a pram. The YOYO2 was the solution! Small, handy, can be taken along as hand luggage and easy to convert, so that both girls enjoyed it. We used the newborn pack for Eloïse and the 6+ model for Chloé.