We think it is very important that future generations can also live well on earth. To achieve this, it is important that we use raw materials sparingly. Buying a stroller that you only use for a short time is not sustainable and causes CO2 emissions of up to 400 kg. We at TravelBaby have a unique formula in development there and can rent different products without long-term subscriptions. you save up to 320 kg of CO2 emissions and you contribute well to the environment.


At TravelBaby we use the existing packaging and boxes of the products as much as possible. For example, a shipping box can last up to 10 times before it is worn out. If the boxes can no longer be used functionally, we use boxes that consist of 100% recycled cardboard. In this way we also contribute to less waste.


An important part of our service is the good performance of our delivery service. We work closely with PostNL because the quality of this delivery service is the highest. In addition to the quality of delivery, PostNL is also one of the most sustainable delivery services in the Netherlands. All parcels are sorted emission-free in the PostNL distribution centre. Currently, 90% of PostNL's deliveries are made by zero-emission vehicles and PostNL compensates the last 10% of the emissions in order to ship climate-neutrally within Europe.